Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 4 Feb. 18, 2013

Week 4: Feb. 18, 2013--

I began the week with a hectic pace. Aside from losing my jump drive at the beginning of week, I think I did the best I could and had my assignments backed up on my computer. Here's my media from the week. I was late getting my daily creates out there, but did do a few:

This was supposed to be on Feb. 9, but I didn't do mine until Feb. 13. I was excessively busy this past week and had a meeting to attend, which took a chunk out of my daily creates and getting them cranked out as usual. Then I decided to do a few more daily creates:

How well do I feel I completed the requirements of the week's assignments? I feel I could have done better if I didn't have that meeting that took a chunk out of my time, and lost my jump drive which threw me in a bind. I was graciously loaned one in the meantime, but do miss my original jump drive. I was also relying heavily on a digital recorder so I could re-create my vlog for my Media Fast assignment. Here's the first link:

and the second link (with far better sound pickup from the digital recorder):

Unlike most, I work without a webcam. I later discovered I had a computer mic when I wasn't looking for it. However, the sound quality on my computer is extremely poor and suspect this might have something to do with either a sound card/ drivers or something else altogether different. I will have to work with what's at my disposal for the time being.

Yes, I was slow as a turtle this time to get my comments submitted to the Media Fast classmates posts and do apologize for that as well. Time flew by and so did trying to remember everything else that needed to be turned in before the deadline. I still have five more assignments tonight that need to be tackled and somewhere I need to locate that Buster Keaton article I wrote up years ago as well. Whew!
I have a sink of dirty dishes, plus I'm making home made bread from scratch (again) because I ruined my first batch last night. Somewhere in the hectic pace of my evening, I managed to make "Corn starch Mold", which comes from an antique recipe book I purchased years ago from an antique store. I've tried some of the recipes and found that I liked the Cornstarch Mold the best and The Fairy Fruitcakes as well, of which, the recipe was clipped from an extremely old edition of the Georgia Republican. The Fairy Fruit Cakes are likened to Strawberry Shortcakes, except you make the dough biscuits from scratch and don't use store bought sponge cakes. I suspect the recipe book dates as far back as the 1800's, perhaps. The hand written recipes could be anywhere from that time period as well.  

What gave me most trouble? Not having a good source of sound to accompany my first vlog for the Media Fast post I created. If it weren't for the little digital voice recorder I borrowed, then it would have made my vlog nearly impossible to understand since I have a raspy voice.

What did I enjoy most? Creating the posters. However, I never thought to be creative and add in my blog post web sites to my posters, then re-did them once I noticed the kind suggestion from my instructor, of which, I truly appreciate. Thanks! :)

What did I learn? Never trust your Windows Movie Maker 7 recording to be superior to that of a home theater system. Always have a secondary source like a camcorder, or a digital recording device.

What would I do differently? If I had kept up on my classmates Media Fast responses, I would have answered in timely fashion than I had.

What questions do I have? Those were answered by my instructor through emails.

What are some of the larger issues surrounding my work? Cultural/Societal implications? I can't think of any except life intrudes at some of the most inconvenient times and so does lack of sleep. What really made me embrace the technology was the Media Fast assignment and how much our society depends on communication in print and in cyber space. 

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