Saturday, February 2, 2013

Blog first, draw second.

I'm dedicated none the less and drawing has been on my mind as of late, but I've only cranked out two pages whereas I used to draw ten or twelve pages in a single day. I haven't even created an "Eddie" drawing in quite some time now. He's an ionic figure that's been a familiar staple since my teen years. And no-- I don't mean "Edward" from the Twilight series, either. That was way after my time, anyway. I mean "Eddie" from Iron Maiden-- err, let me just post one of my earlier works from 1994.

Originally, I started out drawing Eddie freehand and he cropped up on a pair of jeans and then, a jean jacket. Eddie is a difficult subject to draw, but made an easy transition later on. In fact, during the span of Iron Maiden's musical career, their mascot, "Eddie" was an ever-evolving figure. He appeared on their first self-titled album;

then on their second album, "Killers" , 1982:

Then Eddie confronted the likes of the devil on the front cover of their "Number of the Beast" album.

It was awesome and Eddie was a larger-than-life depiction. What drew me to Iron Maiden was their mascot "Eddie", for one. Secondly, their style of heavy metal music that was very power-driven with heavy guitar and bass riffs and octave vocals from front man, Bruce Dickinson. I heard of original front man, Paul Di'anno and watched him in a video-- I'd like to say it was from "The Rock Palace", but know that might be the incorrect venue where the live performance was shot, and immediately put Iron Maiden high on my LP priority list back in 1992. I turned up their second album on LP, yet their first album is almost obscure to find on LP.

My Eddie artwork spans several notebooks and most of my artwork is stored away. Until I got my Blogger account, I never ever scanned anything that I personally drew simply because some of my artwork I want to remain private.

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