Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 3 Assignment- Feb. 8, 2013

I began my week doing several daily creates before Monday rolled around: I reflect back on my assignment for my Black History Month poster drafts 1. I fussed and tried to figure out what I was doing wrong when I tried to upload my posters in PDF format to Wordpress dot com. Alas, they wouldn't load as PDF's no matter how hard I tried and re-tried. Not only did this present me with the most trouble, but it was overwhelming. I finally uploaded my poster drafts as Jpeg's just as a placeholder until I can figure out this whole PDF/Wordpress dot com dilemma. I feel I completed the assignments to the best of my knowledge, and admit I worried that I wouldn't make the deadline for the analog/digital sound wave assignment and all that I learned in class about it. What I enjoyed most was the digital voice recorder. This was my first time to see one in person, and once I learned how to operate it (not everybody will know how to use one of these), I had fun. I tried an experiment and captured a good recording from a hand crank phonograph: However, the sound begins before I disengaged the automatic brake lever on the phonograph. How this phenomenon occurred is still an enigma to me, but none the less I'm no recording expert, either. From there I wasted no time compiling my Soundcloud library of sound effects (still in the works, link will be added soon). I didn't want it to come up with just thirteen sound effects in my library. Therefore, I requested a time extension so I can capture more sounds. What did I learn this week? Wordpress dot com is a pain. What I would do differently? Give me some time to think on that. As far as questions, I emailed my instructor about those. What are the larger issues surrounding my work? Figuring out how to create a small text in note pad to include with my sound effects assignment.Cultural/ societal implications? I ran out of creativity.

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