Monday, February 11, 2013

sound effects. Feb. 11, 2013

Sound effects. Feb. 11, 2013. My instructor allowed me to borrow a small, sleek digital recorder over the weekend, and once I figured out how to record on it, I had a lot of fun with it. I gingerly packed the small recorder on my person, made my daily rounds and evening routine as well from my environment. The reason why I selected my sound effects from pull string dolls, crier composition dolls and everything else was so I could encompass just a fraction of sound. The process used for these sounds was simple and used a hand-held digital voice recorder. It was awesome! Going up the stairs with a slight creak at near the end. Going down the stairs. footsteps and a door opening. thunderstorm and rain Rain Typewriter Chatty baby Chatty baby Hall clock Chatty baby Water Running Rotary telephone dial Door closing Composition doll 2 Composition doll 1 Cat and wind chimes Phonograph-mechanical (non-electric)


  1. I couldn't get the links to upload properly even when I used the link feature on here and spaced them before I posted my blog. On my end they look strung together like one run-on sentence. Sorry if it creates any inconvenience. Perhaps its best to just go here:

  2. Lovely set of sounds, I particularly like the storm and rain that follows.
    These could be put together to make a nice sound story.

    BTW you can embed sound cloud files in blogger. use the iframe code from the share button and paste it into the editor when the editor is set to html.
    In fact you could make a set from all of these and embed the code to show them all.

    1. Thank you also for your kind feedback, too.

  3. Many Thanks John. I will be sure to try your suggestions. I truly appreciate it. ;)


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