Thursday, February 28, 2013

My reflective blog for this week Feb. 28, 2013

I finished my daily creates and decided to do the one about writing a paragraph story without using a vowel for tdc415, it was tough and turned in a little something that don't make sense because I omitted the letter "u". So, here are my daily creates for last week and this week:

I'm still tackling my design safari assignment and looking to finish that sometime tomorrow hopefully. Through it all I'm experiencing personal grief, worry and upset that has nothing to do with assignments or school. My uncle, who had taken ill six weeks ago with pancreatitis and a double case of Pneumonia, is still in the hospital and his condition is extremely bad.

Along with doing the commenting, tagging and reflective blogging about any societal/cultural implications that arise with how I feel my usual assignment follow-ups, and cranking out two tdc's each week, but sometimes enjoy doing more than that,  I feel I must add that my Uncle's condition is the biggest obstacle standing in my way. All I ask for is prayers and will do my best to keep on top of everything in the meantime.  

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