Monday, February 25, 2013

Compilation Album cover and song list. 2 star rating

This is my design for the compilation album cover design assignment on ds 106 ** (2 star rating). I know this is one of the lesser star rating assignments, but couldn't resist adding a touch of long forgotten wax cylinder records and 78's (my hobby).

Why did I write "The Joys of Digital Storytelling" on twenty 2 minute black wax cylinders? And what are cylinders, exactly?

Black wax cylinders (records) were just two minutes long with just enough room for the announcer to say who the artist was and the song title. In these very early days of making records Edison held the market along with others such as Everlasting, Oxford, Columbia, etc. And in order to make a series like that of a lecture, then one would need a lot of cylinder records on hand. Back in the day they even had home-recording equipment designed for these black wax cylinders. To my knowledge, Edison dropped the announcer sometime during 1909/1910. So if there are black wax cylinders that cut right to the song, that explains why. The announcer (I've read thus far) was Len Spencer, who was also a frequent artist on the Edison label. Now for the songs (and some of these I made up). Here's my list of ten:

"You'll Be Back" (You'll Come Back- Stella Mayhews Edison 2 minute black wax cylinder)
"Nobody Told" (Nobody Lied- Marrion Harris)
"Twiddles-two step" (Toodles- one step Lopez and Hamilton's Orchestra)
"The Joy of Digital Storytelling" (Around the World on a Phonograph, 2 minute black wax cylinder, Thomas Edison)
"No! We Have No Homework" (Yes! We Have No Bananas- Billy Murray)
"ds 106 blues" (St. Louis Blues- Al Bernard, Edison Diamond Disc)
"The digital hour" (The Wooing Hour- Edison Diamond Disc)
"Yesterday in the computer lab" (Last Night On The Back Porch I loved her best of all- Fox Trot)
"That's a lot of art, damn it!" (That's a lot of Bunk Fox Trot- Ernest Hare and Billy Jones)
"Jump drive shuffle" (Shuffle Along Medly Fox Trot- Edison Diamond Disc)

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