Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Charlie Parker- Black History Month Paper-half page essay

Charlie “Yardbird” Parker was born in Topeka, KS on August 29, 1920. He was an American Jazz musician and saxophonist. He played for Dizzy Gillespie and led his own band in New York. Some of Charlie’s notable songs are: “Scrapple From the Apple”, “Bird of Paradise”, “Chasin the Bird” and many others. I decided to research Charlie Parker for my Black History Month assignment because he was an influential musician and founded “bebop”, which is a form of fast-tempo Jazz, for one. Secondly, he played Jazz, which is just one of many types of music that I like. The imagery I think would help is to incorporate some more of his 78 titles (I incorporated one on my poster draft 2 for this assignment). I feel Charlie Parker was a good choice because, not only was he born in Kansas, he was also unconventional and an intellectual. He also studied classical music and in his early years spent hours practicing the saxophone. Charlie’s recordings were also inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and his image appears on a 32 cent 1995 US postage stamp as well. Charlie Parker passed away on March 12, 1955 and was buried in Missouri in Lincoln cemetery.


  1. One thing to consider when working in digital formats, such as blogs, is that you can embed other media forms. You could, for example include a video or sound file that further illustrates his work. I think for a musician, this would be quite appropriate. Since you are working on a poster project, it might not make sense, however this post could serve as supplemental information. You could even think about putting the web address to this post on your poster, couldn't you?

    Always be thinking about the cool possibilities of digital media.

  2. Thanks Bill. The cool possibilities are endless for digital media. :)

  3. Here's an awesome link I discovered of Charlie Parker on Youtube:


  4. Just a note, I've already finished this half page paper a long time ago, but do thank those for their comments.


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