Saturday, March 1, 2014

Making a cloth doll body from scratch.

It's finally finished and it only took me one night to make a cloth body from period appropriate fabric for a tiny Civil war era China head doll head. This was my first attempt at making a doll body from scratch. I think I didn't do too badly. Creating the small clothes was time consuming, but interesting since I created the dress using different scraps of fabric.
This doll head needed a body, so I created one from an old flour sack. Next, I made the arms and legs and sewed them to the body and stuffed them with clean cut up strips of cloth.
And finally, the clothes. Why it took me forever to create them is because I wanted this doll to have a petticoat, layers of lawn cotton undergarments... (c'mon, its just a doll!), and then I wanted to make a two piece dress, of which, really didn't turn out, but it'll do.

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