Monday, February 11, 2013

Media Fast- Sunday Feb. 10, 2013

Reflections of my media fast: The assignment was tough when I listened to my instructor run down the prohibited media on the list (and threw in a few) that weren't on there as well. It sounded simple enough; drop all forms of technologically advanced forms of media like texting, internet surfing, computer, email, cell calls. However, I was surprised to learn that old media including books, newspapers, magazines, TV, Atari games, and antique media including Victrola and all things that had to do with an Edison phonograph were included as well on the prohibited list. I had grown partially accustomed doing without years prior. However, going through a twenty-four hour music withdrawal came with a myriad of emotions. Therefore, instead of sitting down with a pen and paper, I jotted everything down in a small notebook using a fountain pen and an inkwell. I've been writing with a fountain pen for quite some time and it does take some practice to get used to versus the standard pens. I began my media fast at 1:45 a.m. on Sunday and didn't end my fast until 8 o'clock or so, when I took a call. Here's my long journal entry: Feb. 10, 2013- (Sat. going into Sun.) 1:45 a.m., page 1: "I simply couldn't get the Oliver 1914 typewriter to work. The ribbon snapped due to age. The backup, an Underwood typewriter 1905 is a little worse for wear as well. Therefore, the fountain pen and inkwell are my unique standbys for this extra special assignment, of which, will be the toughest assignment I had to do. Rarely am I ever seen without my MP3 player or even a pair of my favorite headphones. It was about 1:45 a.m. and I've decided to start my media fast for the next twenty-four hours. Page 2: Even before I began, I sweated, seated there in class, listening to the instructor go over the the list of prohibited media-- But I had lived life in similar fashion for nine years just about. However, the stipulation of this assignment was very unique-- no Victrola, Edison phonograph, CD's, MP3 player, TV-- No silent films, Buster Keaton, and-- no Charlie Chaplin. :( Long before the assignment began my day was stressful. I felt depressed when I heard the "no Victrola" and "no Edison", either in class. For myself, these were-- and still remain positive influences in my life. Page 3: The music, although very much before my time, was still intriguing to me when I first heard it years ago when I was just thirteen. And it will always remind me of my late great grandmother. This assignment will be a lot harder than I originally thought. I can forgo the common luxuries like TV (if cable), but do watch my Dvd's once-a-month or so. I seldom listen to the radio because all of the good stuff is gone-- including the D.J.'s. I'm keeping my journal as true to original form as possible. I hear nothing but the dryer and the heater kicking on. And the key wind clock ticking softly. Page 4: I might turn in soon. Besides, I've been up since 8:30 a.m. My grandparents stopped by early and gave me my uncle's stereo. The phonograph will need a cartridge magnetic moving stylus to operate. And then require audio cords to hook up in back. However, I'm happy with it. In fact, I'm tickled pink that it powers up when plugged in. I was told before hand the stereo was ruined. Gladly though, I accepted it "As-Is". This day turned out to be productive. I did some major closet cleaning. And dumped one bag of clutter, mostly paper and odds and ends. I've been known to be a pack rat. However, I do throw stuff out when I can't find a use for it. Page 5: I suppose I'll write my grandparents and uncle a thank you card now. I will keep updates of any music withdrawals. I also keep in contact through snail mail. My grandparents don't have a computer." Page 6, 8:20 pm, Sunday evening: I mainly got caught up on my sleep. I didn't have my fan turned on, either. I woke up at little after 2 pm. The winds were blowing in gusts. I didn't step outside until after 4 pm to take out the trash. It was sharply cold out. I fed my outdoor cat, then went in and got caught up on the rest of the house work. Boring stuff like laundry, dishes (I don't have an automatic dishwasher), and made the "Apricot Bake Thing", which is pie crust with Apricot pie filling cut into squares and sprinkled with sugar. Didn't notice too many withdrawal symptoms without media or music. However, the temptation was there to pop in a movie and watch it once I finished with my house work. But, I didn't. Page 7: I don't think I did too badly. I guess I fell off the wagon tonight to take a call from my mom. I have a busy day tomorrow. Therefore, I will retire early tonight."

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