Sunday, March 3, 2013

Summary of design assignments, four daily creates and 15 points. March 3, 2013

In spite of all that's currently going on in my life along with my uncle's critical condition, I feel pressed to get this assignment turned in as soon as possible. I seem to recall from class there was mention of creating a poster of all the design elements that our class took. At least, I thought I heard this as I jotted my notes. Therefore, I will design a poster with the elements I posted to the ds 106's open document. For now, here's my summary of my work--

It took me forever to figure out the design safari and how to post links to the open document at ds 106. I was going through doing my 15 worth of points and tagging them as "designblitz". By the second night, (and many cups of decaf hot tea and chocolate), I figured out how to do both. I snapped pictures of random items in my house since I was snowed in and didn't feel like braving the cold weather to find examples of typography, balance, color, etc. Therefore, I slipped on my fuzzy slipper, charged up my camera phone and searched my environment. It turned out to be an interesting indoor safari and since I've never scouted for design elements before I started college, this assignment was my second hardest to complete. The first one was the "I am from" poem due to its sentimental/reflective impact.

I was numb sitting in class, taking notes when the design assignment was announced. I was worried about my uncle, whose been sick for the past six weeks. I tried to maintain my focus, but it was difficult. I posted my design elements, tagged them with designblitz and found an "old-fashioned" example of typography:

Next, I found a few more examples:  with unity,





form and function:

use of space/minimalism:

example of color (and yep, the photo is blury):

metaphors/symbols (I was inspired after seeing another ds106'er), but this one held special meaning for me so I added it to my designblitz:

I also selected this for the methaphors/symbols because it reminds me to take life and live it to its fullest, enjoy family and friends and cherish every little moment because one will never know when the Lord will take them.

15 stars worth: Maybe more. Some of these are the low star ratings, but enjoyed creating them so much that I did several of them that can be found here on my blog as well. So, here are my five from my flickr stream:

Iconic You-

Minmalist tv poster-

What's In Your Head-

Ven Pop culture-

Weird book room assignment-

Blogger fifteen star assignments:

My daily creates can also be found there as well:  for this one I used color and unity.  this one represents color, form/function since the Origami hat was made from a post-it note. minimalist and no use of color.  color, form/function since the cup hooks hold my measuring cups, dried Rosemary, loose-leaf tea steeper, and my airplane plant would resemble balance (though its a cropped picture). Color in the curtain and minimalist/use of space since everything appears to be crampt.

I just got around to commenting on a few of my classmates blogs, but didn't make it to each one of them. In retrospect, it was a very hectic design assignment. However, I have no idea how to take video notes with the cartoon-like images drawn in some computer format while video taping it. I watched the example shown in class, then watched a video on it from a ds 106'er.  I can't wrap my head around it quite yet. I'm visual, which means, I enjoy seeing how things are done. If I watch a video of doodling and can only see it appearing on the screen as it's being done, then my focus is lost. I also do best with video tutorials as well to show what program  (if any), software used, or device its created on, like iPad for example, etc.  I'm still in my noobie technological faze and eagerly learning all I can.

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