Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Visual Writing Prompt-Daily Create, ds106 March 20, 2013

Aliens; are they real?

As for being visited by aliens from other planets? If we are, then the government sure wouldn’t inform the general masses. There’s a lot of interesting speculation about the murals depicted inside DIA that have overt alien overtones and other weird, disturbing imagery as well. In fact, there are rumored to be hidden underground tunnels/systems through the airport that nobody has access to, except for high levels of government. Could we be hiding aliens for mankind's personal pursuit of greater knowledge and meaning of life, per se?  Who knows.

Whatever became of the Voyager’s Golden phonograph record that was shot off into space back in 1977 with 55 different languages? From what I learned about that way back in grade school (and that was eons ago, by the way), that this particular record's intended purpose was to greet alien beings from other planets and invite them to planet earth.

So are aliens real or fake? Well, why would the government keep Roswell and Area 51 top secret for so many years? A downed weather balloon in 1947 was the explanation leading many to believe there was some sort of cover up about the Roswell incident and alien visitation. I think Orson Welles did a fascinating live radio drama when he stirred the imaginations and created mass-hysteria for a lot of Americans in New York and New Jersey on Oct. 30, 1938 when “War of the Words” debuted on the air. However, personally, I can't say for sure if aliens exist or not. 

I think all the Hollywood movies that depicted alien beings like Men in Black, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., and Walt Disney's "Flight of the Navigator" were awesome depictions of what could be and how aliens and humans interact. However, some of the technology displayed in those movies actually came to be now that we're in the twenty-first century. Take into consideration that Close Encounters of the Third Kind debuted in 1977, when computer technology still took up an entire room to operate and most of those computers had RAM and crunched numbers. E.T. debuted in 1982 and Flight of the Navigator came out in 1986. Even back then the entire "technologically advanced" theme was depicted well in these films, too. Men in Black was good as well, but the aliens depicted in that movie seemed a little too "Star Wars-ish" to be believable. I can't say whether aliens do exist or don't and can only go on what I've seen and read about them over the years. I'm not much of a Sci-fi "alien" buff, that's for sure.

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