Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daily create for Mar. 23, 2013 posted Mar. 24.

Create a world of happiness for a fictional character that had little of it." Writing assignment for the daily create, March 23, 2013

Dawn was born into poverty to extremely hard working bare minimum wage-earning parents that strives to raise her right in a crazy world. In Dawn’s eyes, she wanted to go to a world where such strife didn’t exist; where people lived in harmony and didn’t worry where their next meal would come from. It would be a fairytale kingdom and Dawn and her family would live in a pristine castle hidden away in a forest. Her world would be filled with sunshine and roses. It would be a place where a person could fill their Eco-friendly car on raindrops and Skittles candy and not have to worry if the price of leaded and unleaded fuel went sky high in the slumping dark economy.

In Dawn’s world cuddly teddy bears would be her best friends and she would host tea parties with past and present celebrities of her choosing. Dawn is a gorgeous princess and her Prince Charming would sweep her off her feet and waltz her to Metallica’s “To Live is to Die”, but unlike that of the sweet instrumental intro in the song that cuts into frantic drumming and electric guitar solos, there would be no “Energizer bunny” playing to take away from the richness of the intro. A handsome man would dance her around the ballroom and others would take their cue and everybody in attendance would be dressed in their finest glad rags. Nobody would be excluded from having a fun time in Dawn’s happy world.

Dawn dreams of marrying a nice man someday, and in her world, it’s possible. When she has her coming out ball at twenty-one, many handsome suitors line up, but they have to go through the process of asking her father, the king. Dawn’s father will not care about inheriting land, or bother with luxurious frivolous possessions like a yacht, private beach, golf course, million- trillion dollar estate on a hillside or a private island in the tropics. Her handsome suitor need not be famous in Dawn’s world. He needn’t have pot of gold at the end of rainbow or come from a long defunct dynasty like that of the Roman Empire, for example.

Dawn will not care what her suitor’s occupation is in her world. He could be the shoe cobbler, blacksmith or mild-mannered peasant that tills her father’s land. And the man her father chose to marry his daughter would be chivalrous and manly. All Dawn’s father wants is for his daughter is to be well cared for and loved by a man who knows how to be good to a woman and treat her with dignity. – The End.

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