Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 1 summary: Jan. 31, 2013

Jan. 30, 2013

Week 1 summary:

My accomplishments in the first week alone have flourished beyond having one email and social utility site. I now have several social utility sites that keep me connected and they’re fun to design, create, explore, post, comment and stay connected to the social utility/blogging world. I add blogging because before I began taking Digital Media 1, I didn’t do much personal blogging. I had submitted online articles here and there. Since I started with Digital Media 1, I learned to do so much more. My activities started at Pinterest. From there I hooked up with Diigo, Flickr, Sound Cloud, Google +. I already had a Twitter account and just signed up with Youtube and finally posted my first demo videos I made way back in ‘07:

I feel I’ve completed the requirements of the week’s assignments and did the best that I could. Whenever I had questions I asked them. What gave me the most trouble was my first “daily create” attempt. I selected a “wanted” poster. Snagged my camera phone and plucked a tiny gumball machine toy at random and presented that as the microscopic lawbreaker; “Canyon Critter-Furblina” wanted for vagrancy. However, since I didn’t read through the faq’s on Glass, where I had designed the wanted poster, I just sent all ds106’ers to a sign in page instead. I had a Homer Simpson moment “Doh!” after I did that. Since I couldn’t undo my first daily create, I posted an open sincere apology:

What I enjoyed most is being part of the class participation and getting to be a part of I especially like their radio feature too, but then again I’ve always loved music:

I also learned how to use the shortcut key “Ctrl +P” to print out assignments in class. What would I do differently? If I had to do it all over again and Digital Media 1 was offered way back in grade school I would have wanted to take it because it’s a fun, exciting course with a wealth of opportunities. What questions do I have? These were answered by my instructor through emails.

What are some of the larger issues surrounding my work? I had and confused and couldn’t differentiate between the two, so I phoned my brother, who walked me through getting set up.

I won’t deny that there’s both good and bad to come from cultural/societal implications when it comes to the internet nowadays and I’ll compare it with an ancient outdated medium Vaudeville and go from there. When the live variety acts took America by storm from the 1880-1930’s; the public’s reaction was mixed.
The good that came from Vaudeville were literal unknowns later found tremendous fame in early Hollywood like Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Buster Keaton (born in Piqua, KS and favorite of mine):

The bad side of Vaudeville was the lure of the live stage and audience exposure that sometimes came with a darker side attached; that at the time, some extreme ultra-conservative women’s leagues of the day deemed immoral, vulgar and added to the cause of America’s degeneration. Vaudeville was also considered the next step from prostitution according to some social views from way back then. Silent film actresses like Louise Brooks and Clara Bow made their transitions into silent films and lived life in the fast lane, which helped to perpetuate propaganda that nothing good came out of either entertainment medium. Around the same time there was another medium that was ever-evolving that had both good and negative cultural and societal implications; invention of early recorded sound and the hand-crank phonographs:

Then there’s an interesting article from the 1920 edition of the Salida Mail with the gripping headline: “Does Jazz Music Put The Sin In Syncopation?”

How do the aforementioned remotely tie in with cultural and societal implications nowadays? There’s both good and bad in everything. My assignment links (I ran out of creativity):




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