Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Twelve Ideas for Black History Month

My Twelve Ideas for Black History Month:

1. Actresses: African American Actress born in Wichita, Kansas, June 10, 1895: Hattie McDaniel–Mammy in gone with the wind first African American woman to win an academy award. – Source:

2. Sports/Basketball: Wilt Chamberlain-moved to Kansas in 1955 to play basketball at the University of Kansas- Source:

3. Musicians: Charlie Parker–Jazz musician from Kansas City, KS. Born: August 29, 1920
Wilbur Dorsey Clayton–Musician from Parsons, Ks Source:

4. African America Cowboys: Black Cowboys and the Cattle Trail in Kansas Durham, Philip. "The Negro Cowboy." American Quarterly 7 (Fall 1955): 291-301. Long neglected figure on trail and ranch; estimates that blacks accounted for one-fourth of all western cowboys.
Durham, Philip, and Everett L. Jones. The Negro Cowboys. 1965. Reprint. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1983. Source:

5. Buffalo Soldiers from Fort Leavenworth and some stationed in Fort Larned, KS. Buffalo Soldiers protected frontier settlers and trade routes from the Indians. Indians held respect for the Buffalo Soldiers and thus called them, “Buffalo Soldiers”.  Sources:  and

6. African-American Graphic Artist and painter Aaron Douglas, born in Topeka, KS. He was a leading figure artistic and literary movements 1920’s-30’s. Taught at Fisk University for 27 years. Source:

7. Vaudeville actor George Walker born in Lawrence, KS.  Source:

8. Writer, Poet, Kansan: Langston Hughes- Source:

9. Father of the African American exodus; Benjamin “Pap” Singleton. Source:

10. Edward P. McCabe- First African American officials to be appointed in Kansas. Immigration promotor and politican. Born in 1850. Source:

11. Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks- writer, musician, film director and American photographer. Sources:

12. Gwendolyn Brooks- born in Topeka, KS. Famous poet, first African American to win a Pulitzer Prize. – Source:

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